“No matter how rich and fulfilling or dry and empty your relationship is, this online couples course is an invitation to go to the next level of UNION with yourself and therefore with each other.” 


… is a profound opportunity to see yourself - to fast track in your awakening if you choose to look into the mirror of what is being reflected to you.

My name is Rita Hraiz and I would like to invite you and your partner on a very deep shamanic journey to clear all blocks to harmony, sweetness, ease, grace, beauty, magnificence, spaciousness, truthfulness and empowerment in your relating. If you crack this within, your life will go to the next level of actualisation.

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This course is NOT about telling you what to do, it is not about giving you a sex manual.

It is also NOT about making either of you wrong in anyway.

This course is streamed through from Ageless Wisdom- irrefutable universal laws that activate common sense and bring out the very best from you and your lover. Ageless Wisdom inspires the most sacred spaces of touch and meeting.

It will help to activate you, telepathically, and bring a clear light to your spiritual focus as a couple. This course is about eradicating power struggles and competition. It is about clearing out the baggage your both carry, to open to the possibility for atomic merging and the highest white tantric union.

I cannot wait to share this with you primarily because …

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I have felt your longing to be enveloped in a quality of sacred touch that has space and is filled with the love of the divine.

I have felt how much you love your partner and have confusion and concerns about the relationship compromising your spiritual growth - I have felt your attachment and pain.

I have felt where you compromise your self and go into conflict and I have felt your guilt and your blame. Your separation and your feelings of superiority.

I have felt your loyalty, your anger, your subservience and all the places you become boundariless and lose yourself.

I feel the places you close your body and your yoni to your lover. The places of your mistrust and your hate - and where it comes from.

I know the deepest longings you hold in your heart- to have the courage to have your most sacred essence witnessed. To have your lover hold you with the utmost tenderness as yourself is realised.

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I know the time has come where you are ready to let go of all addictions and all that veils you from being truly present with your lover.

I know how scary it can feel to re-live time and time again the rejection of the women as she closes herself down.

I know how scary it is to feel- the responsibility of your lover's heart opening to adore and love you and the places you feel unworthy and that you can’t hold the voltage.

I know how easy it is to fall into unconscious habits and complacency.

I know how futile and inauthentic things can feel with the false ideals of romance.

I know you would love to explore fully the fullness of erotic fire through every fibre of your BEING.

I know you want to go beyond the depleted release in the form of ejaculation in your lovemaking.

I know you crave inner space and often feel burdened.

I know it’s painful for you to have to live up to an image impressed upon you.

Can you commit twice a month to come together as lovers? Naked, transparent and in a focused way to literally sit and face each other in a deep meditative prayer…

Consciously making this journey through your OWN BEING in order to open and unify and travel with the ultimate INTIMACY through each other to experience pure Nectar of the ultimate ALCHEMICAL UNION.

What I can commit to is holding the space by inspiring your own self realisation and to help focus you to shamanically journey to the centre of your BEING.

To gently and honestly look at the places you avoid yourself and have not known how to access what you need to unfurl into wholeness and to be able to receive the LOVE OF YOUR LOVER in the most exquisite quality of UNION that you have been dreaming of.

To join MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT as you assist each other to further on the PATH of ACTUALISATION.



  • 2 x 90 minute video call with Rita one prior to the course starting and one at the end of the course to give specific tips and tools and guidance to meet you where you are

  • 20 Hours + Sacred Inspirational Teachings

  • 3 x Question & Answer Check In Live Webinar’s

  • Music for White Tantra Love Making & Consciously Journeying

  • Study & Practice of White Tantra

  • Beautiful, Sacred, Fun & Pleasurable Homework





Rita has a magical way of working with couples to enhance your relationship. We came to her retreat seeking deeper intimacy and some practices we could take away with us.

We left feeling like we had so much more than that. We felt held, nurtured and supported to go deeply into our love for each other.

We knew the significance of making time for sacred and intimate practices together, and we felt excited to enter a new stage in our relationship.

I cannot recommenced her highly enough. 5/5!

As a couple, we came to Rita in a very stuck place. As individuals we were both in a lot of pain and had got to a very awful place in how we were treating each other. 

We had tried various couple’s therapy over the years, none of which had helped and some of which had taken us to an even worse place together, of great dysfunction. 

We reached out to Rita who welcomed us with open arms. 
Immediately her humanity and connection were apparent, unlike the detached “professional” position of traditional therapists. 

She marries compassion with leadership and gives real advice that is practicable into our everyday lives - things we can take home and integrate into our world. 
It is apparent that she genuinely has a connection with each individual which is so fundamental in this work. She really sees into our issues and pain, and teases out our strengths, to use as a pathway through. 

At points of marital collapse, her tenacity rose up and fast tracked us into reconnecting. 

While it was clear that the hard work came from us, it was with the anchor and love of Rita that pulled us through and steered us away from destruction. 

For my husband he feels he needed real directness and he got that from her. He feels she intuits how to relate and communicate to each individual and adjusts accordingly. 

For me she continues to inspire and model a new way to be loving and open, yet boundaried and creative. This has been instrumental in all my relationships, and not only my marriage. 

We know that Rita is always there to reach out to when we need to work into anything that comes up. 

We have so much gratitude to her for having been our only beacon of light, always there for us in stormy times. 

— anon
It feels essential to me to continue this pat of self and universe discovery. Why with you, because i trust you... I could write more, but think that summarises it all.



You may contact info@ritahraiz.com if you have any questions.

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