This Course is an important foundation for diving deep into the magic and mystery of Ageless Wisdom. Its purpose is to direct our energy within, to access the Tree of Life and let go of the need to know and seek knowledge from outside ourselves. The foundations allow us to relax and trust that a MOST DIVINE PLAN is unfolding and gives us the strength and confidence to consciously do our part with the most unique authentic expression. This unique course is an interactive, practical journey to guide you into a place of self realisation - from Kharma to Dharma. It will show you how to align with the Highest of your Being and your Guide - giving you many practical tools, tips, videos, workbooks, peer support, reading materials and interactive seminars with Rita.





During this 12 week interactive course, I  will guide and hold you on this comprehensive, rich, vivid, tantric and shamanic journey through your major and minor chakra system. I will support you to deepen in receptivity and grace, to move from the wheel of Karma to an unfolding of  Dharma - which leads to the ultimate satisfaction. 

Each week you will receive a two hour Live discourse, which you can attend live or watch when it's most convenient for you. The course will be on core esoteric principles and delivered in an engaging and practical way. I want to ensure that you can receive this information into your body as a study connected to your own self realisation.

This Course gives you up to 80 hours of teaching and study content as well as comprehensive study material in the form of PDFs. This works out at a time commitment of between 2 - 5  hours a week, depending on how deeply you personally want to dive. You will receive a workbook, personally written by me, Rita, an invitation to 3 question and answer live webinars, time to review any of the live videos at a time that best suits you and peer support and community through our dedicated facebook Live Ageless Wisdom Course 1 group. You will also receive  20 % off  my non residential dharmakaya retreat, Dec 7th & 8th.

 At approximately 70-80 hours of teaching and guided study, this means your investment of £550 for twelve weeks is less than £7 an hour. I’ve chosen this cost so that I can make my foundation course as accessible to as many people as possible.  My logo is an ancient and sacred symbol of an endless knot. It is an ancient sacred promise to support you and I intend to honour that promise through sharing a lifetime of ageless wisdom teachings throughout your lifetime.



C O S T   O F   C O U R S E   £550


P A Y M E N T   P L A N   £575


I am ensuring that all your course materials, including the live-recorded videos and downloadable resources, will be available for a full 18 months after you have finished your first course. I want to make sure you can  revise and revisit these foundational ageless wisdom teachings as many times as you need to and when it suits you best.  My team will also make sure our dedicated Facebook Group,  where you can interact and support each other, will still be there for you to continue to develop relationships, share insights and form friendships with like minded souls along your path.


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Ageless Wisdom is one of those illusive phrases we all hear a lot and wonder how we can feel it, live it and be it.  Some call it an inner knowing or a Divine connection, others an evolved state of being or empowered living in a state of flow.  It is quite simply the timeless essence of all truth teachings that have been shared by The Avatar in every Age.  It contains within it the keys to our spiritual evolution. 

I have been a student of this sacred path of Ageless Wisdom for the last 30 years and the absolute truth of these teachings have changed my life.  So many of you have asked me to share these ancient teachings and make them relevant to the challenges of modern living.  Through this study you can learn how these sacred teachings can empower you to create a drama free and vividly beautiful life of Flow and Harmony.  I would love to inspire you how to live your live in conscious selfless service, as an inspirational instrument of change throughout time and space. 

 Ageless Wisdom could also be called Solar Philosophy.  It is a golden thread that reveals itself through the wisdom of the Great Masters.  We can find them in the ancient Vedic teachings of Krishna, The Mahabharata  and The Yoga Sutras of the Patanjalis.  We can follow the wisdom thread from the Sufis through to Shakyamuni Buddha and his 84, 000 sutra and discourses.  Christ in his life time as Jesus wove this timeless wisdom throughout the esoteric understanding of his life's own journey, all the way through to his time as Babaji.  Like a sacred cosmic knot, this endless and eternal thread weaves its way to the present day living Buddha and the Avatar of the Age.

These Ageless Wisdom teachings are to prepare us, as human beings, to embrace a life of inner space, freedom, authenticity, synchronicity and flow and to express our divine joy, abundance, conscious service and purpose in the present moment.  When we feel the light of our own soul, our very  presence uplifts others towards their own spiritual evolution.

When you have truly accessed the ‘Tree of Life’ and glimpsed the Opulence of the Absolute, an inner primordial wisdom that calms our nervous systems and helps to deepen and trust our intuition and inner knowing…  When you have faced the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’, the Light of your Soul that shows you your shadows and glamours… When you have finally integrated the Light of your Soul and returned to your primordial authentic self,  your very presence will comfort, inspire and lift others towards their own personal and spiritual freedom.

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Are you struggling to make sense of your own spiritual development and don’t know how to make it real and meaningful in your day to day life? Do you want nurturing guidance on how to really look within and know yourself at a whole next level, with practical privacy designed into the course for your own self realisation?

Are you ready to dance with your shadow and heal the painful unconscious things that don’t feel good? Do you feel conflicted or uncomfortable in your relationships? Are you looking for a practical and nurturing way to help you clear your emotional clutter and bring peace of mind? 

Have you arrived at a place in your life when it’s now time for you to heighten your etheric sensitivity as a healer and amp up your service to humanity?  Do you strive to play your part and honour a higher purpose, but don’t know how to recognise it?

Do you want to deepen your intuition and stop seeking the Tree of Knowledge and actually access the Tree of Life? Have you always had the deepest longing to be a peace keeper of this Earth but you’re not sure how to make this happen?

During 30 years of study and self realisation, I have asked myself all these questions. So if any of these questions have given you pause for thought, then my ‘Ageless Wisdom for the Present’, courses have been carefully designed just for you. I hope you can join me for 12 illuminating weeks of conscious collaboration as we explore these timeless ancient teachings together and begin our lifelong journey of discovery and blissful living from the Light of the Soul.