You ARE Awakening.

Are YOU Ready?

We are in an unprecedented moment on Earth, a HUGE Planetary Awakening, a Baptism of Fire.

It is essential that we understand the nature of fire on all levels:

  • Cosmic Fire

  • Electric fire

  • Fire by Friction

  • Kundalini Fire

If you have been experiencing increasing electrical energy in your body, sensations in your head, your chakras, then it is essential that we awaken to our evolutionary purpose and our relationship to all that is.

I am introducing this course right now as we are in such a powerful turning point between two great ages, The Age of Pisces and The Age of Aquarius. We are steering away from a time of mystery and limiting obligations and so much repression, to a time of full FREEDOM, TELEPATHY & TRANSPARENCY - resulting in a massive awakening of consciousness.


Are YOU Ready To Deepen…

Into the heart of sensual sensitivity as a practice, to prepare to open to the most authentic expression of your very essence, to experience full dissolution and the liberation that comes with this?

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You will gain clarity and a deep sense of peace.

You will begin a White Tantric Conscious Electrifying Purifying Journey into YOU and your own sensitivity will become heightened as you begin to explore inner spaciousness and the highest bliss. Amongst the unlimited results, the intimacy of knowing YOU will bring a far richer, more vivid connection to all life.

You will help speed up your own self realisation and activate more flow, unleash the fountain of creativity and conscious manifestation brining more ease and grace in your life. It will help to reveal the inner treasures that are within you. It is my intention to lead you on a profound journey to increase sensitivity to a multitude of vortexes and portals that sit within your Etheric Field, that you can use to benefit all beings.

You will journey to consciously and clear all negative imprints that keep you obscured from your primordial state of being and we will explore the Vastness of Space. We will use practices that open you carefully and mindfully to increase your sensuous nature, and to access your own capacity for inner healing.

It will help you to consciously activate a unified field of awareness with your physical, emotional and mental bodies - as they harmonise so will everything else in your life and I will help you to discern and discriminate as to where to put your energy and how to cultivate chi as you open to the Adi Shakti, the primordial female force.

This course will open a door to a life time of study, and a deep look within, that will result in a continual state of consciousness, clarity and trust in our selves to stand in the Love Light Wisdom and Power of all that we were born to BE.




  • 6 Week Course with Live Weekly Transmissions

  • 18 Hours of Deep Sacred, Inspirational Discourses

  • A Private Closed Group of Like Minded Participants

  • Live Q&A Webinars

  • Music for White Tantra

  • Study & Practice of White Tantra

  • Beautiful, Fun, Sacred & Pleasurable Homework

  • Tibetan Vajrasattva Mantra Practice

  • Course Begins Tuesday 15th October, 7pm - 9.30pm BST: Each Transmission will be between 2.5 - 3 Hours

  • Remaining Course Dates: Fri 25th Oct, Tues 29th Oct, Tues 5th Nov, Tues 12th Nov, Tues 26th Nov




£121 x 3 Monthly Instalments