My name is Rita Hraiz and I have worked with thousands of people globally with my shamanic work and knowledge of teachings gained over the last thirty years, to support people in making a pilgrimage back to themselves, to put their roots deep into the earth and make strong community connections.

To find their place in the world, their self-worth and connection to source. I will help you to clarify and transform inner blockages to allow for the flow the divine, allowing openings to the limitless fountain of creativity within.


Are you ready to deepen into the heart of sensual sensitivity as a practice, to prepare to open to the most authentic expression of your very essence, to experience full dissolution and the liberation that comes with this?


This course will offer a life changing, transformational opportunity to be melted into the liquid light cosmic orgasmic state that comes from attuning to the alchemical union of our Divine Mother & Divine Father, preparing all of our vehicles to be able to hold the voltage of the Vajra World.

Thank you. Learning so much about myself, I feel like I’m my outer shell and layers are dissolving each week. It feels very comforting
— Shereen

Is a profoundly focussed shamanic tantric journey to help you unfurl & peel away unconscious behaviours that keep you locked in the matrix, and an in-depth course which is not theoretical, but fully practical, physical and taught through direct transmission.

It will be a sacredly held self enquiry, as you receive strong transmissions and teachings to open you to a new way of looking, hearing, feeling & touching. You will gain an understanding of the aspects of YAB YUM, the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas, and the nature realms of the Dakini mind.

It is specifically designed to help develop a refined etheric sensitivity, and is perfect for therapists and those in the healing professions: Yogis & Yoginis, and Tantrik Practitioners who want to deepen their practice, whilst being incredibly healing for those who have experienced sexual violation at any point in their life. It will help to clear this imprint through conscious transmutation and reset.

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I can not rate Rita highly enough - the chemistry of message and messenger are simply world class.

I believe my curiosity to sit and learn from Rita has helped me to understand and begin healing my part in relationship, granting a deeper appreciation and connection with my beloved.

Any couple who finds this course will be truly blessed on many levels. The teachings are not only masterful in their content, but more importantly they are tangible and accessible on a real life, human level.

Through Rita we are individually and collectively given a way back to the heart, where love, forgiveness and new beginnings can flourish once more.
  • 21 Week Course with Live Weekly Transmissions

  • 50 - 60 Hours of Sacred, Intimate & Inspiration Teachings

  • A Private Closed Group of Like Minded Participants

  • Live Q&A Webinars

  • Music for White Tantra Love Making & Conscious Journeying

  • Study & Practice of White Tantra

  • Beautiful, Fun, Sacred & Pleasurable Homework

  • Tibetan Vajrasattva Mantra Practice


This is going to be a very special weekend where by each moment will be a sacred tantric practice, bringing presence and naturalness as we dive into what is MAHAMUDRA.

During the course of this retreat Rita will focus on emptiness and high states of meditation moving from Alpha to Gamma. Open to Bliss, spaciousness ease and grace. She will support the practices and teach in more depth, the Vajrasattva Mantra.

This will be a very precious opportunity to consciously travel through the Nadis and working with the 21 White Tantric Practices as well as a recap of the entire course, activated with sacred Elixirs, Mantra, Breath and Sacred Sound as well as an exquisite flower blessings ceremony.


  • Enrolment Opens July 20th

  • Enrolment Closes September 15th

  • Course Begins Tuesday 24th September

  • Weekly Transmissions held on each following Tuesday for 21 Weeks

  • Each live video transmission will be between 2.5 - 3 Hours

  • Content will be delivered via a private online group

  • It is ok if you unable to join live each week, the content will still be available to do at your own pace

  • If you have questions, please email us at:

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1. This course will help to reveal the inner treasures that are within you. It is my intention to lead you on a profound journey to increase sensitivity to a multitude of vortexes and portals that sit within your Etheric Field, that you can use to benefit all beings.

2. You will journey to consciously and clear all negative imprints that keep you obscured from your primordial state of being.

3. We will explore the Vastness of Space. We will use practices that open you carefully and mindfully to increase your sensuous nature, and to access your own capacity for inner healing.

4. It will help you to consciously activate a unified field of awareness with your physical, emotional and mental bodies - as they harmonise so will everything else in your life.

5. I will help you to discern and discriminate as to where to put your energy and how to cultivate chi as you open to the Adi Shakti, the primordial female force.

6. It will open you up to the ultimate of sacredness in all aspects of your life and especially when it comes to intimate exchanges, and help you focus and harness your energy, to no longer scatter your self.

7. This course will open a door to a life time of study, and a deep look within, that will result in a continual state of consciousness, clarity and trust in our selves to stand in the Love Light Wisdom and Power of all that we were born to BE.