Ageless Wisdom Retreat
to Mar 31

Ageless Wisdom Retreat

  • Glastonbury United Kingdom (map)
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Wisdom Alignment Discourse Teachings, White Tantra & Developing Etheric Sensitivity & CACAO Ceremony with Sound Journey & Breathe Work and Tribal Dance

How can I access this Ageless Wisdom from within?

Rita Hraiz presents her first, non-residential sacred and Shamanic Retreat from Friday 29th March – Sunday 31st March in her home town of Glastonbury where she has lived for the past 25 years.

Sharing ancient understandings and techniques of an in-depth Ageless Wisdom Study, this course offers a very practical guide on how to radiate harmony with yourself and your surroundings by understanding our place as humanity within the cosmos.

To study the Laws of initiation both individually and planetary and then assess where YOU are in your own spiritual development. This retreat is not going to be pink and fluffy and not made up of any channelled information. The information shared comes from a place of deep self realisation. This path of Wisdom and Esoteric Psychology helps us to own our crap and self realise, this path is an amalgamation of many paths that are digestible and a synthesis of the work of many great masters.

This is a opportunity to go beyond suffering and separation, blame and being a victim and to call in a lasting liberation and clarity, using certain puja’s and shamanic processes designed to help us call back the places we have abandoned ourselves and to align to the highest aspects of our selves. This Retreat is for those yearning for peace on Earth and who are ready to shift what ever is blocking the light of peace from within and who are ready to become the peace keepers of the Earth in all we think feel and do.

Rita will share her 25 years’ experience in the study and practice of Ageless Wisdom to help clarify identify and transform inner blockages to open to the flow of the divine, with the objective to access the limitless fountain of creativity within.


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Ageless Wisdom
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Ageless Wisdom

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