I was born in Perivale in 1963 as the eldest daughter to young Sindhi Caste Hindu Immigrant, coming from India to England in 1960 called Shivaram Punjabi, who eloped with my mother Joyce Agnes Hraiz, a Lebanese, aristocratic,  Catholic woman. They both broke the rules and dared to marry for love (married for 50 years when my father passed) and not be limited to society's confinements of marrying within your class or race. Their precious gift to me was enormous generosity - outstanding international cuisine of many flavours colours and textures (just like my art) and the absolute freedom to BE me … I was blessed to not have to be forced to believe either end of a religious doctrine.


Although I fully understood how to draw the nectar from both ways of seeing Vedic and Christian, somehow through my bloodlines, by the age of 4, I had discovered my etheric sensitivity to the vortexes of the Earth and the Shakti transmissions. By 7 years old I asked myself - is THIS the dream or is the DREAM the dream ? My body tingled with electric fire from a young age. Somehow in the Catholic girl's school I went to, I discovered a book about the Third Eye, all about Tibetan Buddhism and when I was 11 years old, I knew then and still know I have had many lives in Tibet.


 However it was not easy to stay conscious or awake in the 70’s and 80’s - I certainly slipped and fell a few times - in fact to cut a rich and interesting story very short, by the time I was in my 20’s I had fallen into a dense and painful hell realm. Now with a “fashion" business being a designer - material empty hungry ghost realm - and having truly fallen in what I thought was love but was co-dependency firstly with a heroin addict seeing some major shit, the father of my first son and then a crack addict and the story goes on … I have four children from three fathers, I have seen a lot of addiction and was floored by the agony of seeing and feeling this suffering.


Thankfully in 1992 I met the living Buddha - the most highly realised teacher I have met to date and to whom I attribute my awakening to.  So I began a 25 year path of purification and study of Ageless Wisdom and the Laws of Initiation - Laws of Harmlessness - Etheric Healing and Solar Philosophy. And through this and the use of sacred geometric tools and Puja's daily meditation, my life changed instantly.  I went from wearing black every day to wearing white everyday …. getting up at 4 am to meditate in a Pyramid and moving to Glastonbury in 1994, strongly seeking to let go of my personality, self absorbed life and to walk a path of service.  It's taken a long time for the depth of the teachings I have received to bear fruit in my body - but the grace is from around 1994 when I began to experience full power kundalini states of atomic BLISS in every cell of my body opening  into layer upon layer and realm upon realm of liquid orgasmic bliss from the base chakra to the crown chakra.



However, even to this day my life now is a continual practice to open to the emptiness of the great union of the Mahamudra and the Dharmakaya transmission of the mind of the Buddha and so that my own rampant ego can be subsided …. I have been graced with many lives of studying the science of Kundalini in all that I do and my greatest joy is to share the wisdom and compassion from walking this road.


I still consider myself a student on the path and not presenting myself in any way some kind of guru to be followed. The work I do is to hold the space for your own self realisation.


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In 2004 after the beloved father of my daughter passed from a road traffic accident, I had some major changes - one of them was being introduced to profound life transforming plant teachers. For the last 14 years I have studied Shamanism with sacred plants in relationship to the path of our evolution and expansions of consciousness and how this is affecting our wake up process in relationship to the the Dharmakaya transmission of the Buddhaic mind, and helping to unfold the prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle.


I hold these Dharmakaya Retreats to provide a very sacred pristine clear space for people to come to a sanctuary where they can have, privacy, support and holding to dare to face their own repressed pain - trauma - grief - as well as having the courage to truly anchor and know their own DIVINITY. To be able to shamanically call back the places they/ we have abandoned ourselves - to heal addictions - to glimpse and then anchor WHOLENESS in order to experience the GREAT LIBERATION that comes from finally being able to find a way OFF THE EMOTIONAL TREADMILL that keeps us locked on the wheel of illusion.


Grandmother Wisdom, Grandfather Wisdom, the presiding overshadowing light of the Living Buddha and the Great Seal of the Union of Mahamudra the primordial wisdom of the Dharmakaya enabled me to have been graced and experience the actual opulence of this spacious place of vastness - emptiness and natural great peace.