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I have benefited massively and in so many ways from the work that we have done together although I know there is much more for me to learn, I envisage this being a lifelong work.
— Richard
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My heart is full of so much love. Thank you for all the blessings you have showered on my life. I am grateful. You are protected at all times within the Love of the Cosmic Mother.

Heart and Mind purified. Homework clear. A warrior or Love. Clear of Mind and Vision. Strong and Resolute in my calling to support others in their own awakening.

I am Humble yet Knowing. A student on the path.
— Imtiaz
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The transformations since doing this work and especially the women’s retreats really have been so powerful for me.
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I have enjoyed your teaching and the time spent with you, it was both healing and invigorating.
— Silvia
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Thank you so much for the weekend! I feel amazing today, and have been through a profound metamorphosis.

On the way home I was feeling the twin serpents meeting at my crown, and that the serpent could no longer bite me, and the embracing wholeness of this being.

I do SO appreciate your work, it’s been deeply life changing and I’m excited now for what is to come.
— Nick
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