I love the Truth and depth of this work... and the blended path of ageless wisdom and modern mysticism is our past, present and future coalescing in the eternal now....
— Sam

It feels essential to me to continue this path of self and universe discovery.

Why with you: because I trust you...

I could write much more ...but I think this summarises it all.
— Pepa

I have benefited massively and in so many ways from the work that we have done together although I know there is much more for me to learn, I envisage this being a lifelong work.
— Richard

I believe your work is beautiful and it has helped many including me. The space I shared with you and the other sisters was something beyond words.

Since the last time I sat with you my life has truly changed for the best, thank you.
— Catalina

My heart is full of so much love. Thank you for all the blessings you have showered on my life. I am grateful. You are protected at all times within the Love of the Cosmic Mother.

Heart and Mind purified. Homework clear. A warrior or Love. Clear of Mind and Vision. Strong and Resolute in my calling to support others in their own awakening.

I am Humble yet Knowing. A student on the path.
— Imtiaz

I believe the clothing and ceremony work is a Path of Love and Service to all of humanity. I want to support and work with you and for the evolution of all Beings, as we rise in great Love and Light, so does all of humanity and our beautiful Gaia.
— Benita

I am very committed to my meditation and healing journey.

You have helped me on my journey and I definitely believe helped bring in my beautiful baby boy Cae.
— Jessica

The transformations since doing this work and especially the women’s retreats really have been so powerful for me.

I have very much valued working with you in the past year. It has been challenging, sometimes blissful, always profound.

I consider it to be an ongoing journey,
— Mark

I have enjoyed your teaching and the time spent with you, it was both healing and invigorating.
— Silvia

You really helped me with some difficult points in my life, particularly after my Father died and helping me to connect with other like-minded people and I have enjoyed every aspect of what you do from your painting to your clothing and beyond.
— Lynda

Rita’s retreat was the most holistic women’s retreat I’ve been on to date.

The level of holding, presence, and loving intention to detail was refined, authentic.. likened to that gentle auspiciousness one may recognise in those very intimate moments with the divine One.

So beautiful.
— Innica

Thank you so much for the weekend! I feel amazing today, and have been through a profound metamorphosis.

On the way home I was feeling the twin serpents meeting at my crown, and that the serpent could no longer bite me, and the embracing wholeness of this being.

I do SO appreciate your work, it’s been deeply life changing and I’m excited now for what is to come.
— Nick

I would love to continue working with you as the one weekend retreat I attended in Glastonbury a few months ago was so meaningful, supportive and heart-opening.

I feel I integrated a lot in my being, received so much loved and healed on many layers.

I was blown away by your ability to hold space and the different things coming up for people and the physiological awareness that was weaved throughout.

The group sharing in particular was one of the most moving experiences of my life. And, having the opportunity to sing my Fire song to the group- Thank you! **ahh the music...was so so good too!

Best musicians and playlist...so beautiful.
— Uma