RITA HRAIZ  blends her intuititive artistry and modern design skills, with her understanding of the power of colour to express, inspire and heal through her art. She is a Visionary artist who designs and paints with Light. She works with mixed media and prepares each piece with a meditation on the ageless wisdom and symbolism of the ancient teachings.

"I consider my art as a meditation on the science of kundalini and a study on the various stages of awakening. I often draw inspiration from the Yoga Sutra’s of the Patanjalis. I start the piece simply as a sketch and then make an original painting on silk".

Rita then photographs her silk creations, works with digital pen and tablet to add unique details and prints her art onto canvas. She meticulously hand embellishes each Giclet to ensue each one is an original and collectable work of art. She takes time to explain to buyers the deeper symbolism within each piece.