Would You Like To Study Ageless Wisdom?

Would you like to live with more inner space, freedom, authenticity, synchronicity and flow?

Would you like to consciously walk a path towards harmlessness and live in conscious alignment with your highest expression and purpose?

Then please join me on our transformation journey from daily limitation to joyful soulful living.

Shamanic Approach to Access The Tree of Life From Within



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M U D R A  

 Ethically Sourced & made from Bamboo & 100% Pure Mongolian Cashmere.

For Women of All Shapes & Sizes



We believe that it is the responsibility of every member of our Global family to consciously make a difference to the spirit and natural wealth of our planet.  For too long our fashion and clothing industry has ignored Mother Earth’s cries, poisoned our rivers with heavy pesticides, polluted our air with CO2 emissions and disrespected our third world families’, cultures and lands.

The tide is beginning to turn as we become more aware of a simple energy exchange: what we gratefully receive, we can offer back to the land in a different form. Many people are now choosing to buy and wear clothes that have been made in fair trade conditions and using ethically sourced fabrics. 


“Only in utter stillness and emptiness could I taste the nectar and OPULENCE of the ABSOLUTE and be melted and opened to feel the cosmic union of the Mother and Father within every cell of this body."


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F A C E B O O K    L I V E  

These Facebook Lives are an opportunity for you to deepen conscious presence.  To consciously invoke the Light of your Being. To love with more inner space, freedom, authenticity, synchronicity and flow.

I will hold these weekly and look forward to connecting with you. 





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RITA HRAIZ  blends her intuititive artistry and modern design skills, with her understanding of the power of colour to express, inspire and heal through her art. She is a Visionary artist who designs and paints with Light. She works with mixed media and prepares each piece with a meditation on the ageless wisdom and symbolism of the ancient teachings.

"I consider my art as a meditation on the science of kundalini and a study on the various stages of awakening. I often draw inspiration from the Yoga Sutra’s of the Patanjalis. I start the piece simply as a sketch and then make an original painting on silk".

V I S I O N A R Y    A R T