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This is an invitation to a bigger, deeper stepping up with your alignment to the one life and your presence to you, to really meet you.

In that, comes a richer, more vivid meeting of all things that you can bring to your lover, to your relationships, to your friendships. to your children, to your work - there is nothing outside of this.

Are you willing, to go into this relationship of self looking?
— Rita Hraiz

 You ARE Awakening - Are YOU Ready?

We are in an unprecedented moment on Earth, a HUGE Planetary Awakening, a Baptism of Fire.

It is essential that we understand the nature of fire on all levels:

  • Cosmic Fire

  • Electric fire

  • Fire by Friction

  • Kundalini Fire

If you have been experiencing increasing electrical energy in your body, sensations in your head, your chakras, then it is essential that we awaken to our evolutionary purpose and our relationship to all that is.

I am introducing this course right now as we are in such a powerful turning point between two great ages, The Age of Pisces and The Age of Aquarius. We are steering away from a time of mystery and limiting obligations and so much repression, to a time of full FREEDOM, TELEPATHY & TRANSPARENCY - resulting in a massive awakening of consciousness.

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Awakening To The Age Of Telepathy

Are You Aware That You Are Awakening?

  • If you are experiencing increasing electrical energy in your body and sensations in your head chakra’s…

  • If you are interested in consciously preparing for an unprecedented shift of consciousness in Humanity…

  • If you are looking for your tribe / soul family to connect with…

  • If you would like to receive tools and tips to support and stabilise your awakening, to help you really understand what us going on in your body…

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RITA HRAIZ  blends her intuititive artistry and modern design skills, with her understanding of the power of colour to express, inspire and heal through her art. She is a Visionary artist who designs and paints with Light. She works with mixed media and prepares each piece with a meditation on the ageless wisdom and symbolism of the ancient teachings.

"I consider my art as a meditation on the science of kundalini and a study on the various stages of awakening. I often draw inspiration from the Yoga Sutra’s of the Patanjalis. I start the piece simply as a sketch and then make an original painting on silk".

V I S I O N A R Y    A R T